Amir Khan – EASD 1331 – (Condition – 90-95%) – HMV Colour Label – LP Record


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Amir Khan – EASD 1331 – (Condition – 90-95%) – HMV Colour Label – LP Record

Ustad Amir Khan August 15, 1912 – February 13, 1974) was a well-known Indian classical vocalist. He is considered one of the most influential figures in Hindustani classical music, and the founder of the Indore Gharana. Amir Khan was born in a family of musicians in Indore, India. His father, Shahmir Khan, a sarangi and veena player of the Bhendibazaar gharana, served at the court of the Holkars of Indore. His grandfather, Change Khan, was a singer in the court of Bahadurshah Zafar. Amir Ali’s mother died when he was nine years old. He had a younger brother, Bashir, who went on to become a sarangi player at the Indore station of All India Radio.He was initially trained in the sarangi by his father. However, seeing his interest in vocal music, his father gradually devoted more time to vocal training, focusing on the merukhand technique. Amir Ali was exposed at an early age to many different styles, since just about every musician who visited Indore would come to their house, and there would be mehfils at their place on a regular basis. He also learned the basics of tabla playing from one of his maternal uncles, who was a tabla player.Amir Khan moved to Bombay in 1934, and there he gave a few concerts and cut about half a dozen 78-rpm records. These initial performances were not well received. Following his father’s advice, in 1936 he joined the services of Maharaj Chakradhar Singh of Raigadh Sansthan in Madhya Pradesh. He performed at a music conference in Mirzapur on behalf of the Raja, with many illustrious musicians present, but he was hooted off the stage after only 15 minutes or so. The organizer suggested singing a thumri, but he refused, saying that his mind was never really inclined towards thumri. He stayed at Raigadh for only about a year. Amir Khan’s father died in 1937. Later, Khansahib lived for some time in Delhi and Calcutta, but after the partition of India he moved back to Bombay Amir Khan had a rich baritone voice with a three-octave range, and could move equally effortlessly in any octave. He developed his own gayaki (singing style), influenced by the styles of Abdul Waheed Khan (vilambit tempo), Rajab Ali Khan (taans) and Aman Ali Khan (merukhand). This unique style, known as the Indore Gharana, blends the spiritual flavor and grandeur of dhrupad with the ornate vividness of khyal. Amir Khansahib presented an aesthetically detailed badhat (progression) in ati-vilambit laya (very slow tempo) using bol-alap with merukhandi patterns, followed by gradually speeding up sargams with various ornamentations, taans and bol-taans with complex and unpredictable movements and jumps while preserving the raga structure, and finally a madhyalaya or drut laya (medium or fast tempo) chhota khyal or a ruba’idar tarana. He helped popularize the tarana, as well as khyalnuma compositions in the Dari variant of Persian. While he was famous for his use of merukhand, he did not do a purely merukhandi alap but rather inserted merukhandi passages throughout his performance…….

Record Details
Title Amir Khan – EASD 1331
Singer Amir Khan
Artists Afaq Hossain & Jhan Prakash Ghosh
Instruments Tabla & Harmonium
Tabla Afaq Hossain
Harmonium Jhan Prakash Ghosh
Releasing Year 1968
Genre Indian Classical (Vocal)
Language Hindi
Label HMV Colour Label
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Limited
Serial No. EASD 1331
Side One
·         Barsha Ritu Aai (Raga : Megh) Amir Khan
Side Two
·         Kahan Joge Raat  Amir Khan
·         Jogiya More Ghar Aaye (Raga : Lalit) Amir Khan
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condition 90-95%
Cover Condition Excellent


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Afaq Hossain & Jhan Prakash Ghosh


Aamir Khan


Afaq Hossain


Jhan Prakash Ghosh

Releasing year





HMV Colour Label


Indian Classical (Vocal)


12 Inches


33 RPM

Records condition

Near Mint Used – 90-95%


Tabla & Harmonium


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