Jodhaa Akbar – 8907011085861 – LP Record


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Jodhaa Akbar – 8907011085861 – LP Record
Jodhaa, the daughter of King Bharmal of Amer, gets betrothed to another Rajput king and her dowry was her father’s crown, which will pass to that Rajput king, after his death. Through this arrangement, the son of the elder brother of the king, Sujamal gets deprived of his rightful throne and he leaves the kingdom angrily to join rebels. When Mughal empire plans to attack Amer, King Bharmal resentfully makes a peace offering and a proposal to strengthen relations by his daughter’s marriage to the emperor himself to avoid war. Akbar agrees to the marriage as it would bring forward a true strong alliance and long lasting peace between the empire and Rajputs. Jodhaa completely resented being reduced to a mere political pawn and she wants to marry the Rajput king she was betrothed to previously. She writes a letter to Sujamal, her cousin, entreating him to come rescue her from the marriage, but she doesn’t send it, though. Jodhaa shares all her misery with her mother, who tells her to send a servant girl in her place. Jodhaa replies that it would deceive Akbar and would be death to their kingdom if he finds out. Then, her mother gives her a vial of poison and tells her to use it if a need arises. Jodhaa demands a meeting with Akbar and demands to not have her religion changed after marriage and that a temple be built for her to continue her faith, with the intention of having the emperor call off the wedding. To her surprise, Akbar agrees to all her demands. After their marriage, Jodhaa acts reluctant with Akbar and they do not consummate their marriage. He assures Jodhaa that they will let things fall into place. Over time both Jodhaa and Akbar learn from each other and gain admiration for their partners. Akbar’s nurse and nanny, Maham Anga, who he considers like his own mother does not like Jodhaa and conspires to spoil her image in front of Akbar. She finds the letter Jodhaa had written and has it sent, but when Sujamal comes to meet Jodhaa in private, she instigates Akbar that Jodhaa went to meet her lover. Akbar sends his men to arrest Sujamal who thinks Jodhaa trapped him, and then banishes Jodhaa from the kingdom. Jodhaa too doesn’t give an explanation, angry at her character being questioned. Later Akbar finds out the truth and goes to her maternal home to apologise and asks her to come back but she refuses. He also finds out that she is a skilled in sword fighting, and engages in a playful duel with Jodhaa, who after the duel tells him to introspect the working of his relations and kingdom. Akbar returns and travels through the common folk in disguise to understand the problems of his people better. Later Akbar controls the dissents among the Hindus and Muslims by announcing that every religion has its rights in his kingdom. This impresses Jodhaa who returns. Sujamal, Sharifuddin Hussain and his allies attack the kingdom. After Sujamal realises the past misunderstanding concerning the letter and dies just after apologising to Jodhaa. Akbar defeats Sharifuddin, and spares his life for his half-sister, Bakshi Banu Begum’s sake, but not before stripping him of his title of Viceroy of Ajmer and Nagaur.Eventually Akbar proclaims that Hindustan will be a peaceful and prosperous land if people respect and honour each other’s religions. The film ends as the narrator accounts that Jodhaa and Akbar created history through their unconditional and eternal love for each other.
Record Details
Title Jodhaa Akbar – 8907011085861
Star Cast Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Raza Murad, Ila Arun, Suhasini Mulay, Poonam Sinha, Surendra Pal, Rajesh Vivek & Pramod Moutho.
Director Ashutosh Gowariker
Producer Ashutosh Gowariker & Ronnie Screwvala
Music A.R. Rahman


Kashif & Javed Akhtar

Mohammed Aslam, Bony Chakravarthy, Javed Ali, A.R. Rehman, Sonu Nigam, Madhushree & Bela Shende

Releasing Year 2008
Genre Original Soundtrack
Language Hindi
Label Sony Music
Made In Austria
Manufacture Sony Music Entertainment India
Serial No. 8907011085861
Side One
  • Azeemo-O-Shaan Shahenshah
Mohammed Aslam, Bony Chakravarty & Chorus
  • Jashn-E-Bahaaraa
Javed Ali
  • Khwaja Mere Khwaja
A. R. Rahman
Side Two
  • Inn Lamhon Ke Daaman Mein
Sonu Nigam & Madhushree
  • Mann Mohanaa
Bela Shende
  • Jash-E-Bahaaraa
Instrumental – Flute
  • Khwaja Mere Khwaja
Instrumental – Obeo
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condition Mint
Cover Condition Mint

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Dimensions 33 × 33 × 2.54 cm

Ashutosh Gowariker


Ashutosh Gowariker, Ronnie Screwvala


Bela Shende, Bony Chakravarthy, Javed Ali, Madhushree, Mohammed Aslam, Sonu Nigam


A. R. Rahman


Javed Akhtar, Kashif

Releasing year





Sony Music


Original Soundtrack


12 Inches


33 RPM

Star cast

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Ila Arun, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Poonam Sinha, Pramod Moutho, Rajesh Vivek, Raza Murad, Sonu Sood, Suhasini Mulay, Surendra Pal


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