Talat Mahmood – This Is – ECLP 2294 – (Condition 90-95%) – HMV Black Label – LP Record


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Talat Mahmood – This Is – ECLP 2294 – (Condition 90-95%) – HMV Black Label – LP Record
Talat Mahmood (February 1924 – 9 May 1998) is considered one of the greatest male non-classical and semi-classical singers of Indian sub-continent who conquered innumerable hearts and stirred countless souls with his beautifully soft silken voice and profoundly artistic subtle method of singing. He was a born singer with an intuitive sense of beauty, charm and grace. He was truly a legendary Indian playback singer. Although he tried his luck as a film actor, he couldn’t succeed a great deal in acting. He had a good sense of acting, but the public of his day was more interested in listening to him than seeing him on the silver screen alongside the likes of, the infinitely sublime, Dilip Kumar, the elegant, Ashok Kumar, the charming, Raj Kapoor, and the stylish, Dev Anand.

Talat received Padma Bhushan in 1992, in recognition of his profound artistic contributions in the spheres of cinematic and ghazal music.he had a unique, elegant and profoundly artistic style of singing. Talat was a very gifted singer in every sense. He was particularly famous for singing soft and sombre semi-classical and non-classical ghazals, but the film songs sung by him are also considered critically flawless and outstanding. Although Talat’s typical genre was Ghazal, he was an astoundingly brilliant film singer who sung innumerable fantastic film songs

Record Details
Title Talat Mahmood – This Is – ECLP 2294
Singer Talat Mahmood
Music Khayyam, Taj Ahmed, Chitta Roy & Nasir Qadri
Lyrics Faiaz Hasami, Khawar Zaman, Shakeel Badayuni, Ibhrahim Faiz, Hasrat “Tirimizi”, Ghulam Rabbani “Taban”, Sajjan & I.A Minai
Releasing Year 1963
Genre Ghazals
Language Urdu
Label HMV Black Label
Made In India
Manufacture The Gramophone Company Of India Ltd.
Serial No. ECLP 2294
Side One
·        Honton Se Gulfishan (Ghazal) Talat Mahmood
·        Aa Gaeen Phirse (Geet) Talat Mahmood
·        Meri Zindagi Hai Zalim  (Ghazal) Talat Mahmood
·        Dil Pe Jab Teri Inayat (Ghazal) Talat Mahmood
·        Gungunate Huey Gate Huey  Talat Mahmood
·        Tum Ham Safar Nahin (Ghazal) Talat Mahmood
Side Two
·        Tumne Ye Keya Sitam Kiya (Ghazal) Talat Mahmood
·        Main Geet Kisi Ke Gata Hoon (Ghazal) Talat Mahmood
·        Aaj Kisi Ke Baaton Men (Ghazal) Talat Mahmood
·        Ghame Aashiqi Se Kehdo (Ghazal) Talat Mahmood
·        Roshini Ban Ke Fizaon Men (Ghazal) Talat Mahmood
·        Raaten Guzardi Hain (Ghazal) Talat Mahmood
Size 12 Inches
Speed 33 RPM
Record Condition 90-95%
Cover Condition Excellent

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Talat Mahmood


Chitta Roy, Khayyam, Nasir Qadri, Taj Ahmed


Faiaz Hasami, Ghulam Rabbani, Hasrat Jaipuri, I.A Minai, Ibhrahim Faiz, Khawar Zaman, Sajjan, Shakeel Badayuni

Releasing year





HMV Black Label




12 Inches


33 RPM

Records condition

Near Mint Used – 90-95%

Cover condition

Original Cover


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